Writing again.

After two blessed years of leading worship at Sussex Wesleyan Church, and “adjusting” to family/ministry life with a new (and wonderful) husband, the tides have changed again… Something shifted and God spoke loud and clear, “It’s time to write!

Time to write.

What caused the shift?  After burying Lynn’s ashes with his family in July of last summer (2016), it felt like I had finally crossed over that invisible line my soul had been searching for…  I am now “on the other side” of some kind of closure and ready to write my journey in book format.  Stepping across that line freed up just enough mental and emotional space for me to journey back into grief’s depths and draw out whatever truth I can that might be helpful for someone else along the way.

So I am happy to announce that I am writing my first book, and would love to share updates as they come!

A new blogging voice. 

SO, I’m working hard on my book, but have been very hesitant to jump back into blogging…  After pouring out my heart on abideinmylove.blogspot.com during the most vulnerable season of my life, I have questioned whether or not I could have anything more to say!  What more can I voice into the world wide web, this “cosmic void” (a You’ve Got Mail reference…) than those intimate moments of grief and struggle??

In the early days/months/years after my first husband’s death, blogging was like a salve.  It helped me process an experience I was completely unprepared to handle, it provided support and encouragement through the friends and family who journeyed along with me, and it gave me purpose when life had lost all meaning.

But today, I am not in crisis.  I am not lost in a sea of dark desperation.  Today, I am learning how to be… me: a non-glorious servant who is willing to endure, to press forward on this journey of believing in Jesus, to surrender her gifts to His glory, and to submit herself to the masterful hands of God for full, restorative transformation.

Writing for transformation.

If there is anything I have learned over the last few years of my life, it is this:  The whole business of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is deeper, harder, greater, longer, better, and more than I had previously ever understood.

Still, I want it.  I want in.  And I am willing to go all the way…

And I want you to come with me!

Today, I write not because I am in crisis.  Not because I need a place to process my grief. But because I believe in Jesus, and all He wants to do in me, and in you!  I believe that He wants to do more than you could ever think or imagine!

Will you journey with me, on a road of discipleship that will go higher and deeper and longer and further into the love of God than either of us ever imagined possible?

Search me and know me, O God.  And lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139:24)

3 thoughts on “Writing again.

  1. So happy for you Natasha! I would love to follow you again through this newChapter in your life! Your faith and devotion to our Saviour and Lord is inspiring as always!! Blessings to you and your family throughout this process!!


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