5 thoughts on “A personal note with a bit of an overview. [video]

    1. Hi Warren! I apologize for the delay in responding! The video did seem to play for others, but it did also need some work :). I have updated it, and it should hopefully play more easily? Let me know if there’s something more I can do.


  1. Natasha, I am beyond excited to watch this journey of the mind you are taking, and allowing us to take with you. I wanted to let you know that I believe this is going to be a huge encouragement and help in my life. Thank you for stepping out and sharing this journey and lesson with so many others watching. I know choosing life in the mind is a very difficult thing, and something I am in constant struggle with. You are such an inspiration to me. Miss seeing you and Brent on the KU campus, but hope to visit again soon. God bless, and thank you again.
    – Kaitlyn Barton –


  2. This was heart warmingly beautiful example of Gods work in our life everyday .I reasonate with Gods words coming through you. thanks Natasha for being vulnerable and allowing me to be as well. I needed to hear this message today as I am struggling .thanks again.


  3. Just reading this after having it flagged in my inbox for months, but God’s timing is perfect! This morning I read all about David, than read about him again in Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst, and now you! God is speaking to very specifically to me about Living Loved. The hurts of life-depression, ptsd, rejection, unfulfilled expectations…have drowned out the truth I once was grounded on. I am reclaiming that Truth as the anchor for my soul. Truly, every time Natasha! God uses your words with shining brilliance to illuminate.


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