The Walls Came Down

I knelt before the rubble, beneath the looming, weighted sky.  My knees were scraped in the rough sands of jagged rocks and broken wires…  The ruins of what once was.

In the crumbled pieces of a life once lived, I wept.

The walls came down.

Once tall and mighty, my city thrived!  It boasted of song and brilliant minds!  It sang of love and grace divine.  It echoed heaven’s praise.

And there my love beheld me.  I was his and he was mine.  With hand in hand, our lives entwined, we danced to our forever.

But that was all before the day the walls fell down.  My life had died.

I held each rock of love now passed.  I wept and cried and prayed for death.  I sat and grieved, my soul downcast.  My ruined city, my soul… bereft.

I knew my God.  I tried to stand, to lift a weary soul.  But as I turned and looked up high, my sight was blocked – one wall did stand!  But this was not a happy wall, once danced upon in joy.  This wall was hidden among the rest, one put there to destroy.

I quivered in its looming shadow, my heart weakened at its leer.  I knew this wall, this hidden enemy that had filled my days with fear.

My loss was great, but now I knew.  The void unveiled the truth.  “It must come down!” my spirit cried, to show the world some proof!  That we are not alone in this, there is a higher power!  A God who waits for those who ask, to build His mighty tower.

I stretched my gaze to see beyond the darkness of this shadow.  And there two eyes alight with life were waiting there in power.  “My daughter, I have always known that this has been your enemy.  Through pain and loss, I led you here, to seeing and understanding.  I’m here to make this wall come down, but first you must arise.  Come face your enemy with head held high.  Come lift your eyes to see with mine.

With audacious faith, I stared him down, now trusting and believing.  There is new life here to be found.  There’s freedom worth achieving!  I took my soul up in my hands and marched around my enemy.  I braved the darkness of his shadow, now confident in my victory.  It is not mine, I can not do it.  I won’t make these walls come down.  But God is bigger, and he has done it.  I know in him my life is found.

The walls came down.

In the crumbled pieces of a vanquished foe, I sang.

And now I stand before a sky, filled with golden rays of sun.  My feet are planted in a space of open air and wide freedom.  I’ve seen the Light that lives beyond our sorrows and our joys.

And I can finally get on living, in the presence of His glory.


One thought on “The Walls Came Down

  1. Natasha,
    I love your enthusiasm for life and your strong faith! What a great example you are for the rest of us! Keep up the good work! I hope you and your girls are doing well!


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