KNOWN – Session 3

In this last session, we look at 2 main obstacles to our journey of restoring oneness with our Creator, and helpful ways to respond to those challenges.

First, our own shame causes us to hide and cover those dark and vulnerable areas of our heart. Often our own shame is the thing keeping us locked in loneliness and feeling unknown.

Response: “Turning toward”* rather than turning away is a simple practice that has a profound effect on our relationships with others as well as our relationship with God.

Second, turning toward requires trust, but trust is very hard to do when we are somewhat blind to the true nature of others. I Corinthians 13:12 says that now we know “in part,” but then we will know fully as we are fully known.

Response: Our journey is walked by faith as we press in and learn to hear God’s voice, the way sheep know and respond to their good Shepherd (John 10).

Natasha Signature-dark blue

*Dr. John Gottman, “The Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work”


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