The Way of Abiding [Celebrating God’s Faithfulness]

(My apologies if the formatting is still wrong.  It is not publishing as it is supposed to…) Last week, some of the beautiful ladies on our university campus invited me to share with them about being “kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:23b).  I was richly blessed in the study!  … More The Way of Abiding [Celebrating God’s Faithfulness]

The Walls Came Down

I knelt before the rubble, beneath the looming, weighted sky.  My knees were scraped in the rough sands of jagged rocks and broken wires…  The ruins of what once was. In the crumbled pieces of a life once lived, I wept. The walls came down. … Once tall and mighty, my city thrived!  It boasted … More The Walls Came Down

In the Waiting

Today, I marvel at the place on which my feet are standing, my spiritual feet, so to speak.  Around 15 years ago, I started a journey of crying out to God for physical healing in my life.  I didn’t have a life-threatening disease, nor was I completely debilitated.  Still, a chronic illness had settled into … More In the Waiting

When I feel ALONE.

“I whispered the last of the goodnight kisses through the shrinking door crack to my daughter’s bedroom.  When the latch clicked into place, I paused, my hand still on the knob, with my forehead bent toward the familiar wooden panel.  I shut my eyes and breathed heavy.  It was always the same.   On the … More When I feel ALONE.